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UK FIRE SAFETY LEGISLATION  (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005)


The legislation introduced fundamental changes to the role of the fire & rescue service and places specific fire safety duties on persons having control of all building to which the public have access.


It is necessary for PERSONS HAVING CONTROL OF THE PREMISES to carry out a FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT and part of the risk assessment covers the provision of FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT. Regulations require the premises to be provided with appropriate fire fighting equipment. That such equipment be maintained in efficient working order and for persons to be nominated and trained in the use of such equipment.



AEC provides an excellent fire extinguisher package. We service all makes of fire extinguishers to BS5306 standards. We have a dedicated team of engineers who are fully qualified in the Testing and Inspection of fire extinguishers and trained to BAFE standards.



Did you know: Fire extinguishers that are not maintained annually to the BS5306 are considered non compliant.



AEC can also supply a full range of signs that meet the current european criteria.



Fire Extinguisher training packages are also available on request.



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